Playing the Change Doctor

To compete in today’s business world, organizational development is an integral part of sustaining a business model. Constantly aligning company goals, values, management style and culture is an important part of making sure the organization still has it’s “eyes on the prize” and continues to do what got it there in the first place. This can result in sweeping … Continue reading

The Structure of Success

So many questions are encountered when trying to decide what role a manager should take when leading their segment. Should they be the one wit the most technical knowledge? Or is knowledge marginalized as long as they’re able to lead and motivate? Maybe they should have cross-occupational knowledge so that they know how their contributions affect the bottom line? Many of these … Continue reading

What kind of “person” is your organization?

In recent years there have been many examples of failed moral judgement. The Domino’s Pizza disaster or similar cases to see what can happen when a company’s responsibility goes unchecked. In these days, a wrong decision can be exposed very quickly to the world and can devastate a business. As a result,companies are expected to make sure … Continue reading

Negotiation – Cultivation of compromise

Negotiation has stuck with us as a civilization for years. From agreeing on a curfew, to agreeing on multi-million dollar contracts for sports teams, negotiation has become synonymous with our society. In terms of an interaction, many people show their true colors in the setting of a give-and-take situation. There are variety of different approaches, … Continue reading

“Learning” a new workplace

Finding a way to speed up the process of instilling organization values and culture on its new employees. After passing the interview and meeting process i hiring, the company looks to see if the possible employee is suitable to be ‘conditioned’ with the culture of the organization. To reach this end, there are various options … Continue reading

Mentoring in the Workplace

Companies are looking for ways to incorporate new hire quickly into the culture and to help them feel included into the workplace fabric. In comes mentoring, a new alternative being used many companies as another tool in training and conditioning new employees. A properly matched mentoring partnership benefits both parties from the viewpoint of the … Continue reading