Mentoring in the Workplace

Companies are looking for ways to incorporate new hire quickly into the culture and to help them feel included into the workplace fabric. In comes mentoring, a new alternative being used many companies as another tool in training and conditioning new employees.

A properly matched mentoring partnership benefits both parties from the viewpoint of the company. The  new hire has a person to ask simple questions to and a “friend” in the company to help them acclimate to the company. The mentor gains insight into the intricacies of learning the position that they may take for granted. Either way, both employees grow in the company setting and on top of a more people-oriented workplace, it promotes a healthy approachable culture in the company.

All of us have been “the new guy,” and being in a new environment and setting can make anyone uncomfortable. But having someone whose purpose is to help you settle in and feel included can be the difference between a successful hire or a discouraged employee prone to leaving.

Mentoring is a healthy way to promote a helpful and people-oriented culture in the workplace, and should definitely become a important part of a new hires tools.


Mentoring in the Workplace, Cecile Peterkin, 2008, Accessed 05-10-2011.

2 Responses to “Mentoring in the Workplace”
  1. Jas Bedi says:

    I agree that we need to have a mentor at workplace because I have been at that phase where its my first day at work and I was being frightened by my colleagues about the managers working there. The other employees were just scaring me and making it hard for me to adjust instead of making me feel comfortable to come to work.

  2. irenechou1 says:

    I do agree with you that it is right decision that mentors who try to help new people by training them of what they need to know is great way to encourage new hires to stay within the company and motivates them, but shouldn’t the mentor already know at least know basic information about the position before they start training the new hires?

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